Why professional staging? 

Statistics show that a professionals staged home sells faster and for more money. 

Sometimes a home needs a major transformation, but sometimes it's just moving a couch and adding some decor. Often these small changes can still have major impact!

The fact is that most buyers shop for homes online these days, and in the current market it is more important than ever to have eye catching listing photos in order to stand out from the crowd.  Buyers have a difficult time visualizing themselves living in an empty space, and even more so when that space is a small square on a computer screen.  Staging puts your listing’s best foot forward and invites the buyer to view it for themselves in person.

**These prices may change based on the size of home and what is required.

Please contact us directly for a quote.

Our Packages: 

Staging Consultation - $250

This includes a 1-2 hour onsite consultation with the homeowner. During the consultation, we will meet onsite to review the space, room by room and discuss the differences between interior design, staging, and the basic philosophy. With this philosophy in mind, we will make recommendations on items to move, remove, and other items to be brought in. We will also offer tips on how to use decor appropriately, discuss the importance of decluttering and make any other necessary recommendation to help them prepare their home to sell.

After the consultation, a staging report will be sent, outlining our suggestions, including pictures with markups and a checklist of items to complete before they list their home. We are available by phone or email to discuss any questions or concerns the homeowner may have. 

Personal Shopping Consultant - Starting at $150

Sometimes you need to up your decor game a little or a lot, but don't know where to start. Allow our designers to purchase home decor (big or small), with in your set budget, to add the finishing touches to your home!  

Furniture Rental Please call for customized quote.

This includes bringing in furniture and home decor items for the main living areas in a home. Pricing is dependent on the size of the home and the number of rooms needing to be staged. Please call for customized quote.


Virtual Staging - $40 per image

Virtual staging is a great way to take advantage of technology and showcase your listing online using virtual furniture to help the potential buyer better understand the layout of a room. While the images will never look the same than as if it had been actually staged and photographed, this is an excellent marketing tool that is only a fraction of the cost of furniture rental. Each image is custom designed and you are welcome to request a specific style that you feel would best suit the property.

* 48 hour turnaround time

See samples of virtual staging below.

Our Staging Team



Staging Consultant

Certified Home Stager and Photographer


I am a small town girl that grew up in Northern Saskatchewan with a wonderful family!  As soon as I was able, I was on an airplane travelling the world, meeting new people and experiencing great things!  After I saw as much as my budget would allow, I decided I better get some education and make something of myself!  I have a business background, specializing in HR and finance and most recently have followed my creative passions into photography and home staging.

I truly feel that home staging should not be saved just for when you are moving out or in a home. Home staging is also perfect when you're living in your home and not quite sure what to do or where to put that something. I am very proud and passionate about staging and photography and look forward to how I can help you.