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Why cleaning services?

Moving is stressful. Whether moving in or moving out, cleaning a home is the last thing you want to do after all the packing is done. What better gift to give to your clients?

We offer flexible move out and move in cleaning services to ease the transition into your new space.


Our meticulous cleaners are fully insured, background checked, and dedicated to Red Dot's high standard of customer satisfaction.



0 - 1000 total sq ft: $250

1001 - 2000 total sq ft: $300

2001 - 3000 total sq ft: $375

3001 - 4000 total sq ft: $440

4001 - 5000 total sq ft: $490

5000+ total sq ft: quote

**Additional charges may occur depending on the condition of home** Price is based on the total square footage of area cleaned including the basement. Price does not include garbage removal.

Cleaning add ons:

Large window over 9ft:  $8/window

Garage: $50

Wash walls: quote

Standard move out/in cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuum/mop floors

  • inside cabinets

  • wipe down all baseboards

  • dust all fixtures/surfaces

  • clean appliances (both inside and out)

  • clean sinks, toilets, showers & countertops

  • clean interior of windows below 9ft

  • walls (dry dust only)

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