Just want to give a well deserved shout out to Nathan for the photos he did for us at Cottage Club. The sellers were trying to sell it themselves previously and had another real estate service company do the photos and offered to let me use them. I opted to hire Red Dot Services instead and my client says Red Dot Services photos are far superior and I completely agree." 

- Kendra Watt & Associates


Love working with the whole red dot team!! Lee and Patti are the best and I’m grateful to have them!! Thanks for everything you do!

- Santanna Thom


Red Dot Services is an excellent company that takes their job seriously, and provide top notch services for realtors. A big shout out to the outstanding photographer, Nathan, who took very beautiful shots on our acreage near Spruce Meadows. I am getting a lot of compliments about your photos; Keep up the good work!


Red Dot Services provides outstanding services. My favourite photographer Nathan, & favourite for virtual tours and RMS measurement is Lee. I would highly recommend this company!

- Ace Zouzi


Red Dot Services is awesome! Great service, quality work and priced right.

- Jacky van der Ven


Fantastic service and prices!

- Ashley Lower